Blood Pressure Diet for Old age

Prescriptions, for example, diuretics, alpha blockers, beta blockers, a few antidepressants, erectile brokenness medications, and medications for Parkinson’s sickness

Supplement in sufficiency, especially an absence of Vitamin B12 and folate


Septicemia – an extreme contamination in the circulation system

Thyroid conditions

Low circulatory strain can likewise be experienced while moving rapidly to a standing position subsequent to sitting or resting. Hypo tension after dinners (postprandial hypo tension) is basic in more established grown-ups.

Manifestations and Risks of Hypo tension

On the off chance that you have low pulse, you may involvement:

Obscured vision


Extraordinary tiredness

Blacking out

Failure to think



Extreme instances of hypo tension can result in stun – a dangerous condition which requires crisis restorative intercession. Stun is described by:

A powerless and fast heartbeat

Cool and moist skin

Perplexity, particularly in more established grown-ups

Brisk and shallow relaxing

Medications for Hypo tension

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