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Back into high

Blood potassium and pressure

Vitamin E reduces the impact of sodium. It follows that ingestion foods higher in potassium helps many men and women take care of their blood glucose stress .

This could usually be reached by consuming veggies fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

But this suggestion might well not connect with a folks, like folks whose kidneys do not work usually or who’re taking particular drugs. Consult your physician to learn more.

Upping your own dietary fiber isn’t enough by itself, however in conjunction with different efforts like exercising frequently,

lowering your salt consumption and growing other healthier eating behaviors, it will be able to let you oversee your bloodpressure.

Back into high

Where to seek aid

Your GP (physician )

Your Community community gym

Coronary heart Basis Help-line Tel.. 1-3 1-1 12

1 3 7848 — to get advice 3 3 Smoking

Medicines Line (Australia) Tel. 1300 Medication (1300 633 424) — to find advice about prescription medications, Overthecounter and complementary medications

What’s blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood pushing against the walls of blood vessels since the heart pushes blood all around the physique.

Whenever you have elevated blood pressure, then this means that the strain is way too large quality. Significant blood pressure is also a main cause of liver disorder, heart attacks, and strokes.

How can I know whether I have high blood pressure?

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