What Causes High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) to Rise ?

When blood, nutrients and oxygen do not reach to your organs properly due to high blood pressure, this could result in high risk of heart disease, damaged arteries and many more fatal disease.

Causes of Hypertension

Exact Causes of high bp is not known but there are some facts which cause high blood pressure. This type of high blood pressure is also called primary hypertension.

Weight Gain: Fat people have extra tissues in their body which require more oxygen more nutrients more blood. More blood puts extra pressure on arteries and cause high blood pressure. More weight you gain more high blood pressure it will cause.

Older Age: Blood pressure is very common in age above 45. Body goes through lots of change with age. Age causes blood vessels to contract and make heart vulnerable to diseases. This causes the high blood pressure.  80% people have high blood pressure when their age cross 65 years.

Less Physical activity: Sitting idle and doing less physical activity also causes high blood pressure. Less physical activity causes high heartbeat. Rapid hear beat puts extra pressure on blood arteries which ends up in high blood pressure.

Excess salt: Too much salt causes more fluid in your body. More fluid running in your blood stream puts more pressure in arteries and cause high blood pressure. Too much salt is also reason for being obese and fatty.

Less Potassium: Potassium helps in countering the sodium intake in body. If you are not taking enough sodium in your diet, your body will accumulate more sodium which can cause more fluid to retain in body which can cause hypertension.  It is recommended to eat potassium rich food.

Less Vitamin D: Vitamin D affects the production of enzymes in kidney which can cause high blood pressure.

Stress: Stress also cause the temporary blood pressure. One should avoid smoking and alcohol to bring down the stress. Smoking and drinking can aggravate this problem further.

Genetics: If family has history of high blood pressure, then risk of having blood pressure increases. Blood pressure and heart related issue have genetic component which can be transferred in children. There is nothing we can do about this genetic problem but discuss this problem with doctor.

Environment Change: Change if lifestyle due to change in environment can also cause for high blood pressure.

Smoking: Smoking damages the cell which make up the blood vessel. Nicotine in smoking narrows the arteries which carry the blood to your system which leads to high blood pressure.  Even if you are not smoking regularly, occasional smoking also adds up to high blood pressure.

Alcohol: Alcohol consumed in moderation is actually is beneficial. Less amount of alcohol dilates the arteries and increases good cholesterol in body. But excess alcohol can imbalance the nervous system and increase the blood pressure. Regular alcohol can cause weight gain too.

Junk Food: apart from sodium intake, other junk food which are low in nutrients, potassium and magnesium can also cause high blood pressure. Junk flood also cause weight gain which has direct link with high blood pressure.

Other type of high blood pressure is secondary hypertension which is caused by underlying condition.

Sleep Apnea:  Sleep Apnea in simple language means temporary interruption in breathing during sleep. Sleep Apnea can be caused due to our sleeping posture, snoring . Wrong sleeping position can cause difficulty in breathing which can cause oxygen level to fall. Hearts puts extra effort to compensate shortage of oxygen which can cause high blood pressure.

Kidney problems: Kidney has lots of blood vessels around it. Kidney problem narrows down the arteries which causes high blood pressure. Kidney helps in filter out waste and extra fluid from blood. Kidneys are located on both side of your back.  Healthy kidney helps body to control blood flow.

Thyroid Problems: Thyroid hormones help in maintaining cardiovascular function. When these hormones go out of balance, it causes cardiovascular disease which results in high blood pressure. Low and high amount of thyroid hormones causes hypertension. So thyroid hormones have to be in balance for healthy life.

Congenital Problem: Some people are born with the disability, damaged arteries, heart problem, and kidney problem. All these problem cause high blood pressure.

Adrenal Gland Problem: Adrenal gland are found above the kidney and produce variety of hormones. Dis function for adrenal gland causes number of disease including high blood pressure.

Certain medication: Medication such as birth control pills, pain killer and some other drugs can also cause high blood pressure. It is advisable to discuss all of your medical condition with doctor.

Blood pressure is very common in adults and often searches does stress cause high blood pressure?. But the change in lifestyle and unhealthy diet, sedentary activity, obesity have put the children at risk too.

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