Literacy Depends on the Schooling

It is important to establish dialogue with a community. Since this implies the use of a language similar to that with which the individual is familiar, it is necessary to integrate oneself into the life of the individual – to study his language, practice and thought. Later, through the use of problematising education, these elements will come together to create knowledge, since it is not necessary to refer to other far away spaces to find opportunities and topics for study.

Topics for learning can be found in the reality that surrounds the individual, it’s just that they are hidden by the “limiting situations” that the oppressors create. These limits can disappear through the education that a problematising teacher, who moves from the particular to the general, encourages.

When we want to investigate a generative topic, we should go to the place where the individuals whom we want to liberate are located and study their thinking, so that we don’t decontextualise their work. We want the teaching to be part of their reality, so that it is not a mechanistic act.

The liberation of man and the overcoming of oppression are not achieved by the consumption of the existing ideas that teem and circulate between people. Instead, the individual needs to construct his own ideas and above all transforms them through praxis and horizontal communication.

Studying the generative topic implies two distinct steps, both of which involve the individual himself: the first is to go to the place where the events take place in order to become familiar with the thinking of the oppressed and the second is to apply this thinking to the systematic learning process by emphasising group interaction between the participants so that each person both acquires consciousness of his reality and truly expresses it. But the process does not end here. It involves a search on the part of the individual for his highest level of possible consciousness.

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