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Dialogical action also requires organisation if it is to avoid ideological control from the top. Organisation is a necessary element of revolutionary action; it implies coherence between action and practice, boldness, radicalising without sectarianism, and the courage to love.

All these aspects should be present without falling into naiveté. Obviously, in order for revolutionary action to be accomplished, discipline, order, precise objectives, clear tasks to be completed, and accountability to one’s compatriots must all be present. We are in no way speaking about an anarchistic activity. Rather, we are speaking about the awakening necessary to free oneself from the oppression that one encounters.

The final characteristic of dialogical action is the cultural synthesis that occurs along with the investigation of generative topics. This synthesis attempts to overcome the antagonistic activities begun by the oppressors and goes deeper than mere induction. It addresses the strength of one’s own culture as a creative act and vindicates the oppressed by providing a different vision of the world than the one which has been imposed without question or examination.


Paulo Freire wants the individual to form himself rather than be formed. To this end, he proposes that educational topics or opportunities be taken from the daily experiences the individual constantly encounters and that we avoid the current educational pitfall of resorting to artificial experiences. He proposes that one problematise his own life in order to realise that he both requires and can achieve a different status.

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