options for Secondary Hypertension Treatment

As the definition of hypertension is defined as “repeatedly elevated blood pressure” the primary care physician will have to take several readings over a set period. This may require three separate measurements one week apart – often the monitoring goes on for much longer before a diagnosis is confirmed.On some rare occasions, if the blood pressure is extremely high, or end-organ damage is present, diagnosis may be made immediately so that treatment can start promptly. End-organ damage generally refers to damage to major organs fed by the circulatory system, such as the heart, kidneys, brain or eyes.Kidney disorder: If the patient has a urinary tract infection, urinates frequently, or reports pain down the side of the abdomen, they could be signs and symptoms of a kidney disorder.If the doctor places the stethoscope on the side of the abdomen and hears the sound of a rush of blood, it could be a sign of stenosis. This is a narrowing of an artery supplying the kidney.Additional tests for high blood pressure
The doctor may also order the following tests to aid in diagnosis of high blood pressure:Urine and blood tests: Underlying causes might be due to cholesterol, high potassium levels, blood sugar, infection, kidney malfunction, etc. Protein or blood in urine may indicate kidney damage. High glucose in the blood may indicate diabetes.Exercise stress test: More commonly used for patients with borderline hypertension. This usually involves pedaling a stationary bicycle or walking on a treadmill. The stress test assesses how the body’s cardiovascular system responds to increased physical activity. If the patient has hypertension this data is important to know before the exercise test starts. The test monitors the electrical activity of the heart, as well as the patient’s blood pressure during exercise. An exercise stress test sometimes reveals problems that are not apparent when the body is resting. Imaging scans of the heart’s blood supply might be done at the same time.

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