High blood pressure is also known as hypertension which arises when the blood pressure of your body gets increased from the normal level creating an unhealthy environment for you. The blood pressure is measured by the frequency of blood passing through veins and then the count of the number of resistance which occurs due to the pumping of blood in this way blood pressure is calculated. The arteries which are narrow have more resistance which means that if you are having narrow arteries then your blood pressure will be high, the increased pressure of blood is not good for health as it can cause a different kind of chronic health issues like heart diseases.

Signs of High Blood Pressure

Although it is considered that hypertension is not a big problem it is common but only up to a limited extent, as researchers prove that there are more than 75 million of people in America who are suffering from this problem and living in the condition normally. Hypertension does not occur rapidly it took time and years till you will only able to notice the symptoms of high blood pressure of it but do not think that as there are no symptoms so there is no problem as hypertension can still cause a serious damage to your blood vessels, arteries and health without even showing its symptoms so , it is very important to detect the problem of hypertension in starting otherwise it will become a curable disease.

If you are also having any doubt or if not then still for your regular check-up you should take the readings of your blood pressure regularly and if you see any kind of change then contact to your doctor about it. In TR case of elevated blood pressure the doctor will check it and look over the reading for few weeks if the elevated blood pressure gets normal or not and if it doesn’t fall back to normal then he will start the treatment immediately any carelessness can cause Hart attacks and strokes which can even lead to death or serious problem.

High Blood Pressure Symptoms/Hypertension

Hypertension means high blood pressure, this disease is not a wild although it is a silent condition which occurs in a very long time and develops slowly there are many people who are suffering from hypertension but still do not feel any symptom of it. The high blood pressure is a mild disease and takes a lot of years to reach its high peak and show symptoms of it although these symptoms are very common that can easily mistaken with any other disease. Some of the common and starting high blood pressure signs are :

  • Headaches
  • Bleeding from nose
  • Chest pain
  • Blood in urine
  • Shortness of breath
  • Flushing
  • Visual changes
  • Blood in urine

These are some of the Hypertension Symptoms/HTN Symptoms which occurs in the patient of hypertension but sometimes they do not occur so it is not necessary that if you will be having the problem of hypertension then you will see these symptoms and waiting for them to appear can be fatal. So, for getting already aware of hypertension it is required to get regular blood pressure checkups. If there is any family history of hypertension then you are at the great risk of getting this problem and in such case you should take your regular BP check-ups at least in 6 months.

Causes of Hypertension

There are basically two different types of hypertension and for each type there are different causes of hypertension. Let us have a look over these types and their causes :

Primary hypertension

The main hypertension or essential hypertension is also known as the primary hypertension and their is no identified cause of this primary hypertension which develops with time. A lot of researches has been done but still it is not clear that what is the cause for this problem. It has been conclude that there is a lot of combinations which takes place in creating hypertension , these factors are –

Genes: There are some people in which the problem of hypertension is genetic in their family and these can be due to the mutation or genetic abnormalities which can come in your genes from your family members.

Physical changes: If there is any malfunctioning in your body then you will start getting some unexpected issues throughout the body and the problem of high blood pressure can also be one issue out of them. Like as, if your kidney gets any changes then it will make unease to the natural salt and fluid balance of your excretory system and this increase is responsible for the high blood pressure in your body.

Environment: There are many physical activities and your diet plan, lifestyle badly effects the blood pressure like as lack of the physical activities, poor diet etc. This lifestyle choice may lead you toward weight gain and be obese will take you to the high risk of hypertension or high blood pressure.

Secondary Hypertension

As primary hypertension occurs slowly, on the other hand secondary hypertension occurs very rapidly, there are different kind of situations which causes secondary hypertension let us look over these conditions –

  • Problems with your thyroid
  • Adrenal gland problems
  • Kidney disease
  • Use of illegal drugs
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Alcohol abuse or chronic use of alcohol
  • Certain endocrine tumors
  • Side effects of medications
  • Congenital heart defects

How to diagnose High Blood Pressure

The diagnosis of hypertension is very simple and easy by just simply taking the regular readings of your blood pressure. Although there are most of the doctors who check the blood pressure of patients on every visit and if you will not have the readings of your blood pressure then ask your doctor for it. If your doctor see any elevation in your blood pressure reading then he will take some more regular readings of your blood pressure till your blood pressure gets normal as it is not possible to diagnose hypertension in just a single reading as the blood pressure can also get raised due to some environmental factors. If after some readings your blood pressure is still high then your doctor will take some more confirmatory tests for exactly examining the condition these tests are :

  • Urine test
  • You will be going to have tested for electrical activities of your heart.
  • Cholesterol screening

These are some of the tests which helps the doctor for analyzing any of the second issues which can be caused due to the elevation in blood pressure. If there is any elevation then your doctor will be starting treating your high blood pressure disorder but not very early as this can create the problem and increase risk of the lasting of damage.

How can you understand readings of your blood pressure?

There are two different kinds of pressure reading by which team high or low pressure is calculated let us know about them,

1. Systolic pressure: Systolic pressure is telling first number of blood pressure and this tells you about the speed of blood flow in arteries when the blood is pumped out or your heart beats , this beating is counted and resulted as first number that is systolic pressure of blood.

2. Diastolic pressure: Diastolic pressure is the second number of blood pressure readings , this pressure is calculated by the number of off beats of heart or the gap in which beat does not take place which is blood do not pump out that number is known as diastolic pressure.

There are radically 4 different categories which properly defines the reading of blood pressure in adults let us know about them :

1. Healthy: if the readings of your blood pressure are in around 120 / 80 millimeters of Mercury ( mm Hg ) then ,it indicates that your blood pressure is normal and you are a healthy person.

2. Prehypertension: This is the stage which occurs before hypertension actually occurs , when the systolic number of your blood pressure is in between of 120 and 139 mm Hg and the diastolic pressure of your blood is in between of 80 and 89 mm Hg. As it is just pre-stage of hypertension or you are at the right so you do not need medication to cure it and doctors also do not prefer treatment instead of it they prefer and helps you in changing your lifestyle and regular diet plan which is necessary.

3. Stage 1 hypertension: When you are at the first stage of hypertension then the readings of your systolic blood pressure are in between of 140 and

159 mm Hg and the count of diastolic blood pressure reading the are in between of the 90 to 99 mm Hg.

4. Stage 2 hypertension: When you are at the second or last stage of hypertension the systolic pressure of your blood pressure is more than the 160 mm Hg and the reading of diastolic blood pressure are more than 100 mm Hg

The reading of blood pressure are taken by a pressure cuff , if you wanted to have correct reading then it is necessary that the pressure cuff should be fit , if the cuff is not properly fitted then the pressure reading may be inaccurate. The blood pressure readings of children and teenager can be different if you see any variation in your child blood pressure then do not worry first of all ask to your doctor for the healthy blood pressure range of children

How to Treat High Blood Pressure

There are a lot of and different factors by which doctors after proper examination give you the best treatment for your hypertension. As we have already known that there are 2 different types of blood pressure and the treatment options for both of these types are mentioned below, although the factors also help you in identifying that which type of hypertension are you having.

Treatment options for Primary Hypertension

If your doctor diagnoses you and conclude that you are having primary hypertension then you are having an option if curing it simply with help of some changes in your regular lifestyle and these changes will help you in reducing your high blood pressure and make it normal but if they changes in lifestyle are not enough then your doctor may also prescribe you the medication which will give you peace and provide regularity to your blood pressure.

Treatment options for Secondary Hypertension

If your doctor finds out that there are some causes which are underlying your issues of hypertension the treatment is completely based on the conditions of your problem like if the medicine which is prescribed you is causing problem of increased blood pressure then tell to you doctor and he will change it and try to cure your problem which do not cause side effects to you. Sometimes , the hypertension is persistent and still after having treatment the causes remain , in such case the doctor will help you and develop some changes in your lifestyle and will give you proper medication which will help you in reducing and making your blood pressure regular.

Medication to cure High Blood Pressure

There are various medications which are tried by your doctor and it fails some leave side effects or some do not work so in this way you are needed to try lots of medicines till you got the one which works for you. Below we are going to tell you about some of the medicines which are used to cure high blood pressure let us have a look over them :

1. Beta blockers: This medicine is given to you when your blood pressure rise up , beta blockers slows down your heart rate and helps in beating slower with little force this step will help in reducing the pumped amount of blood in arteries and it will reduce your blood pressure.

2. Diuretics : The blood pressure is sometimes also get increased due to the high level of sodium and excess fluid in the body which leads to the hypertension sometimes , diuretics are also known as the water pills which in context help your excretory system specially kidneys to remove out the excessive sodium from your body and with the passage of sodium the fluid amount from your blood also get decreased and helps in lowering your high blood pressure.

3. ACE inhibitors: Our body has a chemical due to which the walls of arteries get tighten and narrower and this chemical is known as Angiotensin and due to narrow arteries the blood pressure rises. ACE ( Angiotensin converting enzyme ) inhibitors acts as an inhibiting agent for the formation of Angiotensin chemical in your body and slows down it’s formation due to this the blood vessels remain relax and the blood pressure also gets slow down to normal.

4. Angiotensin II receptor blockers ( ARB’s ) : The work of ACE receptors is to inhibit the production of Angiotensin chemical while the act of ARB’s is to stop the Angiotensin from getting bind to the receptor if this chemical was not present then the blood vessels will not get tighten and your blood pressure will remain normal and lowers down your high blood pressure.

5. Calcium channel blockers : If in the smooth muscle you will be having excessive calcium in your heart then it is also one of reason of high blood pressure because this excess calcium causes strong heartbeats and results with high blood pressure so these calcium channel blockers helps in reducing the amount of calcium from heart muscles and lowers down the heart beats which results in reducing pressure of blood from body and relax the arteries and blood vessels.

6. Alpha – 2 agonists: Another factor which affects the blood pressure are nerve impulses , so the alpha – 2 agonists medication is used to slow down those nerve impulses which are the cause of tightening of blood vessels so , this medication helps in reducing the blood pressure by relaxing muscles.

Home Remedies to cure High Blood Pressure

If you are having a healthy lifestyle then it will help you in controlling the factors which causes the problem of hypertension so there are many home remedies which help in this way let us have a look over some the home remedies which are highly effective and easily available :

1. Having a healthy and balanced diet

If you take a healthy and vital diet which is important for your heart then it will also help in reducing your high blood pressure and it will keep the problem of hypertension under control and maintain it by lowering down the risk of complications due to it as you are aware that due to hypertension you can got a lot of complications like as heart attack, stroke or heart diseases etc. A healthy diet which is important for you should include :

  • Fruits
  • Lean proteins like as in fish
  • Whole grains
  • Vegetables

2. Increase the number of physical activities

You should have a heart weight and for this, a quite amount of physical work is very necessary without that you are unable to gain proper weight and become fit. If you are having high weight then perform the exercise for reducing your weight and stress which will also help you in reducing your blood pressure and your cardiovascular system will get stronger. So, you should make an aim of having a moderate physical work for around 150 minutes in a week for being fir and healthy.

3. Reach a healthy weight

If you are obese or overweight then you should loose your weight and it will automatically reduce down your blood pressure.

4. Manage your stress level

If you always remain in stress or do a lot of work then it is very necessary for you to manage the level of stress, there are many activities which will help you in reducing your stress level like,

  • Exercise
  • Massage
  • Deep breathing
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Meditation

These all of the above-mentioned techniques will be going to help you a lot in lowering down your stress level and have a good healthy sleep which will make your mind to feel relax and calm.

5. Adopting a clean and hygienic lifestyle

If you loves smoking and smoke a lot then first try to reduce and and then quit it completely , the high amount of tobacco damages the blood vessels and hardens them which increases the blood pressure. If you are fond of alcohol and consumes it on daily basis or dependent on alcohol then reduce your drinking habit or quit it as alcohol also raise your blood pressure and causes hypertension.

Recommended diet for High Blood Pressure

One of the simplest and easy ways of reducing and having control over high blood pressure and to prevent other complications which can occur due to high blood pressure can also be reduced with help of an accurate diet. The food which you eat has a long impact and result on your hypertension a good diet can reduce diet while a bad diet will increase it so, let us have a look over some of the diets which one should take if suffering from high blood pressure :

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits and less meat

If you are fond of non – veg food then reduce it as a diet which is obtained from plant can reduce your amount of saturated fat , trans fat , sodium etc from your body which you get due to the intake of dairy foods and meat. You should also increase the number of fruits, vegetables, grains and leafy greens and grains which you eat. If you include red meat in your diet then avoid it and have healthier lean proteins like as fish and poultry products.

2. Reduce the sodium amount in your diet

People who are already suffering g from hypertension and are at the great risk of opting heart disease should make sure that the sodium intake in their food should be around 1500 milligram per day and the best way of reducing sodium in your food is to cook it more then often. You should also avoid the food of restaurants, packed food as they contain a high amount of sodium.

3. Cut out the amount of sweet intake

The food or beverages which contain sugar have a high amount of empty calories without any nutritional content, if you want to eat something sweet then go for fruits or dark chocolates as they are not sweetened with help of sugar although they are having more nutritional value then calories. It has been researched that the amount of dark chocolate which you eat helps a lot in reducing blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and have the problem of hypertension then do not worry you can also deliver a healthy child despite of this problem or condition. But it is very necessary to properly monitor and treat hypertension at the time a pregnancy otherwise it can be very danger for both mother and child , can also lead to complications. Those women who are having the high blood pressure mostly suffers from complications like the pregnant women having high blood pressure mostly experience the decreased functioning of kidney and the babies who get born from a mother suffering from hypertension can also born prematurely and low weight at the time of birth. Sometimes it also happens that the problem of hypertension occurs at the time pregnancy and this situation is known as the gestational hypertension and mostly it happens that this problem go away after the birth of baby. Although it is not very complicated but having the problem of hypertension at the time of pregnancy increases your risk of getting high blood pressure problem in future also.


Some cases has also been observed that the pregnant women which is having hypertension also gets the preeclampsia at the time of their pregnancy in this situation the blood pressure rise and also become the cause of kidney problem and due to all this situation the level protein increases in urine. With the worsening of this problem the risk for both mother and baby also get very high. This is not limited here you can also develop eclampsia from the preeclampsia in which the seizures occur and this is the second cause which leads to the maternal death mostly in United States and the complications which can develop for baby are early birthday , still birth , low birth weight. Till now there is no way which is know for the prevention of preeclampsia there is only one way by which it can be treated is delivery of baby. If you also develop this condition at the time of your pregnancy then your doctor will clearly examine it and monitor your regular for any complications.

Effects of High Blood Pressure

As we know that hypertension is a silent disease and it takes very long time in showing symptoms till then it can cause a lot of damage to your body, if the treatment of hypertension is not taken properly then you can lead to the very serious problem and complications which can also become fatal. There are a lot of complications which can occur let us have a look over some of them :

1. Damage to the arteries

If your arteries are healthy then they will be strong and flexible, the flow of blood will be freely without any kind of obstructions with healthy vessels and artery but tell problem of hypertension makes them tough , tight and low elastic in nature. The fats which is earned from your diet can also deposit into your arteries and create obstructions in the flow of blood which leads to the problems like high blood pressure, stroke, aneurysm, eventual heart attacks etc.

2. Damage to the heart

Due to hypertension your heart need to perform a lot of hard work as the increase in pressure of your blood vessels forces the heart muscels for pumping blood more frequently with high force as compared to a healthy heart pumping. These all situation causes the enlargement of heart and this enlarged heart may also increase several risks in your body like :

  • Heart failure
  • Heart attacks
  • Sudden cardiac death
  • Arrhythmias

3. Damage to the brain

Our brain works properly only when if gets enough supply of purified oxygen-rich blood but the high blood pressure also reduces this blood supply to your brain which can even lead to the severe and very fatal complications in your body, for example, transient ischemic attacks, strokes etc. If you are having uncontrolled hypertension then it can lead to you for memory loss, affect you ability of learning, speaking , recalling, learning, reasoning etc. The treatment of hypertension do not completely remove the problem and complications or it do not erase the problem of uncontrolled hypertension, on the other hand, it reduces this problem and lowers down the possible risks in future.

How to prevent High Blood Pressure or Hypertension

If you are at the risk of developing hypertension then you can take some of the steps by which you are able to prevent it from getting worse and stop it there let us know about some of these situations :

1. Try to add more healthy food to your diet

Slowly and slowly we suggest you to increase the amount of healthy plants for heart and include them in your diet and prepare an aim of eating more then the seven times of fruits and vegetables in whole day and try to eat as much as fruits and vegetables you can for being healthy but do not over eat just eat less at regular intervals.

2. Make a good diet plan for your dinner plate

Avoid to use meat and three sides and try to create a dish which require meat just as a condiment in it her words we can explain it by this way that instead of having a steak with small amount of salad just increase the amount of salad and make a topping off it with help of a small portion of steak.

3. Cut the amount of sugar from your food

You should also avoid the intake of high amount of sugar-containing food like as of flavoured yogurts , cereals and sodas, also avoid the packages food which contain a lot of sugar which is useless so before purchasing read the level and sugar content in it.

4. If having high weight then set your goals to lose your weight

If you wanted to loose your weight then, first of all, decide the number in which you wanted to loose it instead of choosing arbitrary goal for weight loss. After setting your perfect goal next you should plan that what will you do for achieving your goal and try to do everything on correct time.

5. Have a regular check-up for your Blood Pressure Readings

If you really wanted to be healthy and remove complications then the best way to prevent it is have a regular reading of your blood pressure and for this you can visit to the office of your doctor for regular check-up or if it is not possible then ask your doctor to purchase a blood pressure cuff for you so that you can have your readings at home then , also maintain a log for your readings of regular check up and keep them with you at the time of appointment with your doctor this will help your doctor in an analyzing for any problem before the condition gets worse or complicated.

Complications of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can lead to various complications which we have also told you earlier but now let us have a detailed look at these complications :

1. First heart attack: Those people who face the heart attack first time , researches has proved that among 10 out of 7 are the persons with hypertension who faces first heat attack.

2. First stroke: The person who first time suffers from the stroke is having the high blood pressure problem as it has been concluded that out of every 10 people having first stroke there are 8 person who has high blood pressure.

3. Chronic heart failure: Out of 10 there are 7 people who are having the problem of hypertension if they face the chronic heart failure.

4.  Eye problems: Due to high blood pressure you can also develop problem in your eyes as the high blood pressure can cause thick , narrow and torned blood vessels of eyes which can even lead to the vision loss permanently.

5. Issues with memory: If you are having uncontrolled hypertension problem then it will affect your ability to think , learn and remember and can cause memory loss.

6. Aneurysm: Aneurysm is the condition in which your blood vessels get weak and bulge which forms an aneurysm due to the high blood pressure , these aneurysm can also get ruptured and can be fatal or life threatening.


There are a lot of people in the world who are suffering from hypertension some knows about it while others are still unaware from it , the main issue of hypertension is that it do not show symptoms up to several years and in that mean while it can cause a lot of damage to your body which can even lead to complications so it is suggested to have a proper diet , physical work, regular exercise and main thing have regular check ups for your blood pressure readings which is very necessary so that if any variation occurs you will be able to be informed earlier and can prevent it from getting more severe.

If any symptoms of hypertension are observed by you then immediately contact to your doctor and start having a healthy diet which is friendly for your heart we will also suggest you to lower down the sodium intake form your food that is do not take more salt reduce it. If you are at the early stage of developing hypertension you can naturally cure it and prevent it from getting more worse by having some daily routines like exercise , regular walks , meditation , deeps breaths , eating potatoes , lowering the intake of sugar , having dark chocolates etc all these activities will help you a lot in keeping you blood pressure maintained and regular.

Do not ever think that the problem of hypertension only occur in old age or adult age in today’s generation it can happen to any one either adult or child so it is mandatory to have regular blood pressure checkups either you are a child or adult or any old person. So, today in this article we told you a lot of things about high blood pressure and how you can control it , treat it or prevent it. We all know that health is wealth so stay healthy and happy always and always follow the saying prevention is better than cure.We hope that you will always remain healthy and if you are also having the problem of hypertension or at the risk of it then you can go through our article it will give you lots of important and necessary information.